Opened on July 31st 1902, the Orme Tramway has been delighting visitors ever since. The track is a mile long and climbs some 1500 metres. This makes it Britains longest funicular railway. An true engineering marvel, it is the only cable-hauled tramway still to operate on British public roads. You may catch the tram at the "Church Walks" station hourly, and are taken on a delightful ride up the Great Orme, taking in some spectacular scenery on the way. At  the half-way station, you are obliged to change trams for the remaining ride to the Orme summit. Here, you can stop and admire the exquisite Victorian engineering in the station shed. You may also leave the tram at this point to visit the Bronze Age Copper Mines, or even walk the remaining distance to the summit. Each Tram car has been faithfully restored to reflect the original quality of the system from more than a hundred years ago, and all the cars are named after Saints. The Tramway is open for business between March & late October. Please note though, that due to its' original and protected design, there is only limited access  for the disabled.